Log Burners and Multifuel Stoves

Log Burners & Multi-fuel Stoves

A wood burning stove will burn logs, recycled wood or solid fuel to provide radiated heat for the room. There are many styles of burner on the market and most fit into the category of traditional or contemporary stoves. We supply several ranges of stoves and these ranges have been carefully chosen to cover all types of stove ensuring we have the right one for your chosen room.

The appliance can provide localised heat as a room feature, or can integrate with central heating by using a back boiler. Back boiler stoves can be integrated with your current gas or oil central heating system. This way your log burner can be used to provide both heating and hot water in the winter months.

In comparison to open fires which operate at about 10-20% efficiency with most of the heat lost up the chimney, wood burners operate at 70-85% efficiency as they optimise the heat and minimise heat losses up the chimney. Wood burners and multi-fuel stoves can help reduce your energy bills, especially if you live in a home heated by electric.

Solar Renewabler Log Burner